In Memory of

Peng Wan-Ru

Big-5 Han Characters


Dear Friends:

The following is the second update for the recent development regarding the proposal of establishing the Women's Rights Day:

1) We now have more than 11,000 endorsers of our proposal.

2) Because of your help in forwarding our proposal to various individuals and organizations, we have received support from all over the world.

3) The memorial service of Peng Wan-Ru is finally decided to be held on December 29th. It will take place in the parking lot next to the Taipei World Trade Center.

4) Many of you sent your condolences along with your support. We decide to hold a cyber space memorial service for Peng, so we can all pay the last tribute to her and show our condolences to her family. The memorial service will be held between Dec. 24th and Dec.29th at the following web site:
There will be a guest book for you to write down the things you want to say to (the soul of) Peng Wan-Ru or her family. If you know her, you can also share your memory of her with others. If you can't get access to the web but still want to send a message to her and her family, you can e-mail to any of us. We will compile all the messages left on the guest book and the messages sent to us and present them to Peng's family after the memorial service.

5) The National Women's Coalition, consisting of almost all the women's organizations in Taiwan, will hold a parade in the evening of Dec. 21st. In their press conference on Dec. 20th, the total number of the endorsers of our proposal will be announced.

6) The following is the information about the parade held by the National Women's Coalition:

  • Time (for gathering): 7:30PM, Dec. 21st
  • Place (for gathering): The front gate of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
  • Leader of the parade: Li Yuan-Chen, the founder of the Awakening Foundation
  • Commander of the parade: Yiu Mei-Nyu, the president of the Awakening Foundation
  • Parade Schedule: (you can join or leave the parade at any time)
  • 7:30PM gathering
  • 7:30PM--11:00PM parade
  • 11:00PM arriving the gate of the Da-An Forest Park at the corner of Shin-Sheng South Road and Shin-Yi Road
  • 11:00PM-12:00AM holding a memorial service for Peng Wan-Ru and all the female victims of violence at the gate of the Da-An Forest Park
  • 12:00AM--2:00AM inside the Da-An Forest Park, singers will sing songs in memory of Peng Wan-Ru
  • 2:00AM--6:00AM candle light vigil
If you are going to join the parade, please remember to bring a flashlight, a whistle, and wear enough clothes to keep yourself warm. The National Women's Coalition has already gained full support from the Taipei City Government for the parade. The city buses will run until 2:00AM of the Dec. 22nd. The taxi drivers that have signed the pledge for self-discipline will also join to ensure parade participants a safe trip home. Hopefully you can all join the parade if you live in Taipei.

Huang Chang-Ling University of Chicago
Chang Sheng-Lin UC-Berkeley
Po Lan-Chih UC-Berkeley
Sun Jui-Sui UCLA