Signup List (12/4)

In Memory of

Peng Wan-Ru

Big-5 Han Characters


Dear Friends:

Thank you for your support of our proposal. The follwoing is an update for the recent development:

1) We now have more than 4700 signatures.

2) Yam, the leading web navigator in Taiwan, has made a page link with us in their home page ( and turned their background color into black (like our page design) to show support. Their support has brought in a lot of signatures from Taiwan.

3) Our mobilization through the internet has attracted attention from the printed media. The China Times Evening News has reported our efforts on Dec. 7, and the Central Daily will publish the Chinese version of our letter on Dec. 8. There are also quite a few community newspapers and campus newspapers in Taiwan as well as overseas reporting our efforts.

4) We have made some corrections in our open letters since we first started circulating them. These are the corrections: a) It should be the Women's Rights Day, instead of the Women's Right Day. b) Peng Wan-Ru's memorial service will be held on Dec. 31st, instead of early December.

5) In memory of Peng Wan-Ru, women's organizations in Taiwan have decided to hold a joint event on Dec. 21. The details remain to be further discussed, but it is likely to be either a parade or a vigil or both. They will hold a press conference in the morning of the 20th, and, among other things, annouce the number of the signatures that we have collected. In our letter, we didn't specify the time zone for the deadline because we didn't want people to be bothered by the time difference. However, since we need to do the final count before the press conference, we have now decided that the deadline should be 11:30 PM, Dec. 19th Taiwan time. If you are still forwarding our letters or disseminating informaiton about our proposal, please make sure to inform people of this.

6) One of Peng Wan-Ru's major contributions to the women's movement in Taiwan was to enlarge the space for women's political participation. Under her leadership at the Department of Women's Development, the Democratic Progressive Party adopted a nomination policy that will gurantee at least one-fourth of the nominated candidates being female. Women's organizations in Taiwan now demand the Democratic Progressive Party to raise the proportion to one-third, and demand the two other major political parties, the Kuomintang and the New Party, to adopt the same nomination policy.

7) There are now foundations, hotlines, and other activities or programs named after Peng Wan-Ru. The Peng Wan-Ru Foundation will start to accept donation soon.

8) The Taxi Drivers' Association has called for a plan to discipline and scrutinize their members, since Peng Wan-Ru's death put all the taxi drivers on the spot.

Huang Chang-Ling University of Chicago
Chang Sheng-Lin UC-Berkeley
Po Lan-Chih UC-Berkeley
Sun Jui-Sui UCLA