Dear Friends:

It's been a long time! I am sure that you have not forgotten this website was created to memorialize Peng Wan-ru's murder. The Peng Wang-ru Incident was a shock to all of us; her death has incited us to break silence and take action. With this end in mind, we have set up the Peng Wan-ru Memorial Homepage and pushed for the official designation of the Women's Rights Day, hoping that the Peng Wan-ru Incident would serve as the catalytic point for a new women's movement.

We are confident that this is the most meaningful way in which to memorialize Peng Wan-ru. Her death was the product of Taiwan's patriarchal society. Every year, untold numbers of women suffer the same kind of sexual violence to which Wan-ru fell victim. In an important sense, their suffering is greater than Wan-ru's. Their injury or death passes unnoticed, and the hapless survivors are simply looked upon as women of fallen virtue. This kind of prejudice is like pouring salt onto an open wound. Even in a major case such as Wan-ru's which drew national media attention, the perpetrator of the crime still remains at large.

We are convinced, however, that the true culprit behind Peng Wan-ru's assassination is the patriarchal system. In order to memorialize Wan-ru, we must resist the patriarchy! Hence, we have decided to establish the Womenet, bringing you feminist-related news at regular intervals. This project has the following goals: 1) To arouse in readers a greater understanding of the position of women in Taiwan; 2) To act, given the lack of media attention to feminist issues, as a bridge between readers and feminist organizations; and 3) To encircle society from the virtual space of the net in order to promote social transformation.

We have sent this message to you in view of your previous participation in the petition for a Women's Rights Day, and we hope that you will want to become a subscriber. Please send your response to: Write "subscribe action" in the main text, leaving the rest blank. Should you decide not to subscribe, you will not receive any further communication from our site. The entire contents of the Womenet site will be available at We plan this to be a bi-monthly in both Chinese and English editions, covering news about women's movements in Taiwan and around the world. Its presence on the world wide web will enable the voices of women's movements in Taiwan to be heard around the globe. Today's news is tomorrow's history. We believe that preserving a record of women's news is an important task. These inscriptions are the unforgettable traces of actual women's activities in Taiwan.

As Wan-ru returns to the earth from which she came, it is our responsibility to cultivate this earth and make it bear fruit for the future. Thus Wan-ru will not have died in vain! The Peng Wan-ru Memorial Foundation has already taken rudimentary shape, and a "Collected Writings of Peng Wan-ru" is in progress. Your contributions to this Fund will make a difference. Within Taiwan, please send your donations in any amount you can afford to

Postal Command #12948983, c/o Peng Wan-ru Account, Women's Alliance;
Minsheng Branch of the Fubang Bank, Acct. #00312500817700, Planning Committee for the Peng Wan-ru
Memorial Foundation for Female Victims of Sexual Violence.

Thank you very much!